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Westbourne Gardens
Westbourne Gardens image 2

Our client had bought this maisonette from someone who had bought it off the housing association who had converted it very badly twenty years before. After he'd lived in it for five years himself, and had had his sister staying whilst we were sorting out the flat she'd just bought, he thought it was time he had it remodeled to suit him.

We reorganised a section of the original structure so that the front and back room could be used as a single space, now lit from both sides, and put in a soundproofed floating hardwood floor throughout the whole area. We located the original flue and fitted an open fire into it and re-ran a cornice to revive the flavour of the Victorian decoration. We reconfigured the upper floor so as to provide a decent bathroom with a window and a walk-in shower and arranged the partitions in such a way that at some future date access can be provided to the flat roof.

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