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Tachbrook Street

My clients had lived in a two storey maisonette in Pimlico for many years, but their three daughters were beginning to complain that even when the grown-ups were in Somerset, there was simply not enough room for all the male attention they were beginning to attract. They bought a (totally knackered) two storey maisonette four doors down, which fortuitously came with the freehold, and remodeled it from top to bottom.

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As the door to the principal bedroom was fitted at the bottom of the staircase on the floor below, it was possible to open up the whole of the new floor so as to form a small gallery giving access to the flat roof. A small air conditioning unit operates above the built-in break front cupboard.

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The garden was designed by Sarah Morgan and is laid out so that it can be enjoyed when looked at from the upper floors, and requires virtually no maintenance.