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Pembroke Place

We had already reconfigured the two houses next door to this one for quite different occupiers.

This was for a young family who wanted to open up the ground floor and let as much light in as possible.

We negotiated a contract with the builder who had completed the other two houses and work was started at 3 weeks notice and completed 14 weeks after that.

Our client's family was from Boston and was keen for a "New England" ambience to the joinery and built-in fittings.

Happily the essential structural pier at the back was the same size as an 1830's French mirror they had inherited and this helped with the illusion of space in what is essentially a land-locked house.

The fireplace is made from painted MDF with a polished oak top.

Pembroke Place image 2
Pembroke Place image 3

Light comes through a 'sun pipe' on the corner of the flat roof over and is assisted by a combination of clear glass shelves and side mirrors in the shaft above.

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