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Pangbourne Avenue

We had remodelled the house next door ten years previously and my client and her builder bought this house when their reclusive neighbour eventually died. They threw out 20 years of Scotch bottles and three skips of bushes and commandeered half of the garden as a home office for their own house. They opened the house up and added attic accommodation and re-arranged it as a letting proposition.

We were able to match the existing parquet using new pine boarding and eight coats of stain. Luckily the out houses that the planners were so keen on fell down before the planning application was submitted.

The main lesson we learned from next door was that chimney breasts are a waste of space in such relatively small houses and that garden buildings can afford to be made larger without losing the feeling of outside space.

Pangbourne Avenue
Pangbourne Avenue
Pangbourne Avenue
Pangbourne Avenue
Pangbourne Avenue image 6

Built in joinery is all very simple with glass shelves added in the bathroom fittings and a few strips of polished Beech to add some quality elsewhere.

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