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My client had done virtually nothing to this big basement flat since she'd bought it ten years previously. It had been very badly planned with twice as much corridor as was required, and had been laid out in such a way that that every room had a corner cut out of it. A very nasty plastic conservatory had been added at the back, which wasn't very pleasant in the day time and was seriously unpleasant at night. However the flat had nice tall ceilings and a lovely big garden so my client gamely decided that she’d move into her boyfriend's flat and start again.

Elsham Road
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Kensington and Chelsea gave us planning consent in six weeks without even coming to look at the site, although we did subsequently have to suffer a good deal of what is known in the trade as "ordeal by freeholder's surveyor"

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We replaced the conservatory with a top lit garden room with a whole wall of sliding folding doors onto the garden and made the kitchen smaller and the living room bigger. We refitted the whole thing with underfloor heating, sorted out the bathrooms, and reconfigured the front steps so they were easier to use. This was lucky because when my client and her partner moved back they had a baby with them.

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