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St Mungo's Drop-in Centre

Our Clients, The St Mungo Association, provide accommodation for single homeless people. However, some people who have spent a long time on the street, are very frightened about the prospect of becoming involved with institutions in general, and moving into hostels in particular.

Our brief here was to offer a supervised drop-in centre as part of an existing hostel where homeless people might spend the day, and if they wished, the night, on an informal basis. Sleeping accommodation for three or four people is provided in the form of (bug-proof) mattresses laid over the built in furniture in the reception area. These were hung up out of sight during the day. There is a small wet room⁄shower and a little kitchen, and visitors may use the formal canteen. The fittings are made out of european beech, with few sharp corners. It is much more solid than it looks and cannot be pushed over easily. If visitors do not find the experience too traumatic, they will be encouraged to sign up as residents proper, but there is no pressure on them to do so.

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